YouTube Account Suspension

To all my blog readers and excited fans:

Recently, I was shocked to learn that my YouTube page had been suspended, apparently for spam, scams, or deceptive content.  This was strange, because I had familiarized myself with the Community Guidelines and honestly believed that I was following them.  I believe I never did anything wrong.  A week before the suspension, my account was in good standing, with a green circle.

As you all know, I don't post anything wrong or try to cheat the system with artificial likes or views.  No spam, no scam, everything is legit.  You have seen my cool metal-casting and science videos.

In other words, I feel that my account has been mistakenly and unjustly terminated.  You have seen the respectful nature of this post and of all the stuff I do; if you feel the same way about my account suspension and want to continue to see all the cool projects I've got cooking up, leave a comment below expressing your support.  My channel means a lot to me, to you, and to the general infrastructure I use to get my projects out there (this blog, Instructables, etc.).

Channel located at:

Yours respectfully,


  1. I absolutely love your youtube channel and I follow your blog! I'm really sorry to hear youtube shut down your channel... it was good and I really liked it quite a lot. I hope youtube puts it back up soon!

  2. Your channel on youtube has shown me things (scientific experiments) hat I c=hve not seen before. You channel is nothing but good, clean, healthy, non-piracy awesomeness! Youtube had better put it up soon or I will start a protest!

  3. I know the creator of this channel personally, he always is talking about the cool experiments he does. Its a shame that I will never see any of them again. Really hope youtube will put back up the channel!

  4. I also know the creator of this channel in person. I can't believe that his channel got suspended! All of his videos and projects are very educational, and there is no reason why they shouldn't be on Youtube! I hope that Youtube will put the channel back up, and I'm excited to see what is on there in the future!!

  5. I have seen a few of the Youtube videos in question. They had to do with a home-made furnace, a bicycle go-pro, and LEGO stop motion. I believe that all of the other videos were something along those lines. Those do not contradict any of Youtube's rules to my knowledge. I am hoping that Youtube will fix this error soon!

  6. What was the reason given for the suspension? What trumped-up charges are they accusing you of? Surf Wisely.

    1. YouTube said I was suspended for violating the Community Guidelines which prohibit spam, scams, or deceptive content. I really cannot think of anything I posted, looked at, or wrote that could possibly be considered in violation of the Guidelines, but surfing wisely is great advice. Thanks for the support!