Laser Cutter Build Night: Power Supply

In this build night, I built the power supply that will power the two stepper motors driving the X and Y axes.  I lopped the connector off of an old wall-wart for a dismantled CD player (taken apart in my quest for stepper motor CD drives for a mini laser cutter) and stripped the wires.  I then checked the polarity and connected the wires to a Y splitter made by cutting a 2-pin female-female pin cable in half (cable from rear projection TV disassembled for a Fresnel lens).  Each end of the Y splitter will connect to the motor power header for one EasyDriver board.
The wall-wart power supply is 12 volts at 3 amps.  I read that stepper motors should be run at a couple times their labelled voltage, and since I have a similarly sized stepper motor listed at 3.36V, I thought 12V would work fine.  Each EasyDriver can do a maximum of 750mA, so the 3A from the power supply should be quite ample!  I don't know if the thinner wires will handle this current or if the steppers will even run with 750mA or if the 12V will be good or bad for the motors, so I have my fingers crossed on multiple aspects of tonight's activities! Wish me luck and use the contact page if you have hints, advice, or suggestions!