Laser Cutter Build Night: Raspberry Pi, Code, and Name

Tonight, I got the Raspberry Pi up and running, made some code, and christened my soon-to-be laser cutter!  The Raspberry Pi already had Raspbian installed, but I had to connect it to the WiFi using the Edimax adapter, and SSH didn't work even after the Raspberry Pi was connected.  I had to reboot the router to make this work, so I don't really know what the problem is.  I also coded up a small test program to output 3.3V on a GPIO pin every 0.005 seconds, so that should make the EasyDriver run the motor.  Additionally, I decided to name my laser cutter PiKnife - a play on the common pie knife used to cut real pies, only this one uses a laser.  Sorry this post is so short, but I've got work to do!