Laser Cutter Build Night: It Moves!

Finally, at long last, I have some real results!  Before I get ahead of myself, though, I should say I used the EasyDriver schematic to adjust the current potentiometer on the EasyDriver until it was at about the max current (~750mA).  I have fairly large motors.  Having done this, I hooked up all the wires into their respective pins and turned on the Raspberry Pi (the networking issue seems resolved) and EasyDrivers.  Then, I tested the code.  It worked!  The steppers both moved!

However, one of them only moved one direction.  The other one worked fine, but this one caused problems.  It just wouldn't move both ways.  I tested for voltage coming from the Raspberry Pi, and there was none!  Aughh!  Did I break it?  After about a day of pounding my fists on the floor and boo-hooing, I figured it out.  The problem was not my Pi or the EasyDrivers - it was me (bleh).  As it turns out, I had written some bad code that didn't look in the right variable for where the DIRECTION pin was attached to the GPIO.  Thus, the Raspberry Pi never tried to output to the right pin.  Stupid me.  However, I am happy to say that both motors now move back and forth at a very nice rate!  The EasyDrivers seem to work fine and there has been no magic smoke, so I am very happy!  The Y axis motor, though, seems to jitter/stutter and not really want to move when stepping one direction at a low speed, so I am not sure if that will be a problem later.  However, everything appears to work generally well, so I say it was a successful night!