More RPi Words of the Wise!

Wow!  The posts are really flying today!  However, this is important.  If you have gotten NOOBS up and running and have installed Raspbian, you still may not be ready to roll.  I could not get Raspbian to show up at all, and so I started troubleshooting.  Although I would have liked to shoot my trouble with a .22-gauge shotgun, I was mature and instead looked up some stuff on the Information Superhighway.  My solution to Raspbian not displaying on my old composite video TV was to, in NOOBS, edit the "config.txt" file for Raspbian so that all the auto-generated settings at the bottom of the page were commented out.  Basically, to make Raspbian display on my TV, I commented out every line in the file.  It worked!  Time to set up WiFi!

NOOBS Display Output

OK, so if you are going about on your first time running the Raspberry Pi NOOBS SD card, don't freak out when you don't see anything on the screen.  If you have the RPi plugged in, methodically go through pressing 1, 2, 3, and 4 on your keyboard, one after the other, until you see something.  I got ready to "broaden my vocabulary" when my RPi seemed to be haywire again; save yourselves the trouble by changing the display output to conform to your display/TV by pressing 1 through 4 on your keyboard.  After doing so, you will see a very nice interface!  Yay!

RPi SD Cards

Well, technology once again drives me to pulling my hair out!  I tried to redo my SD card since it self destructed, but the computer said it was "Read Only."  Nothing more, and no options to change it.  Therefore, I came across some weird stuff on the Internet that sounds slightly superstitious.  If one pushes, pulls, and presses on the SD card the right way when it is in the slot, all the problems go away and the SD card is writeable again!  It actually works!  As such, I have the NOOBS Raspberry Pi software installing Raspbian as I write this post!  Hopefully this helps for all those annoying SD cards!