Extreme Amazement

I like intricate and unique Lego machines, and this one is definitely no exception!  Inspirational, awe-inspiring, and bonkers fail to describe this one-of-a-kind contraption.

Flying Cars!

Well, I was learning about Nate Saint and found out that his son, Steve Saint, builds flying cars for missionaries.  Check out the video!
Also, please pray for him as he was partially paralyzed while operating his new machine.

Pythons! Hsssss!

Well, I have finally settled on what language to learn.  Python!  It is quite interesting, as it is a high-level, general, interpreted, strongly typed language.  So far, I can get user input, do basic math, use if and while loops, and print on the screen.  I will be posting some projects to my app development page shortly.

FrankenBox I

Whahoo!  I just finished debugging my new computer that I built, FrankenBox I!  Some awesome specs:

  • Triple-core (yes, that's right) 3.2 Gigahertz processor
  • 8 gigs of gaming RAM
  • 20" LCD monitor
  • 500 gig 7,200 rpm hard drive
I am leaning towards using that spacious hard drive for three partitions containing Windows 7, a Hackintosh, and the last one having whatever I want on it (Windows 8, Linux, etc.).  It runs super great!

Rube Goldberg

I just recently got into making Rube Goldberg machines.  Boy, it is fun!  Check out this video of the machine a few friends and I made.
Future machines will probably be longer (this one is kind of short) and will have more steps.  I can't wait to get started!

Stop Motion

Check out this short stop-motion animation I made.
Things that I will factor into future videos:
  • Longer length
  • Sound
  • Better overall speed (some things happened too quickly)
  • Arm movements while walking

Typi The NXT Typing Robot

I had this really great idea for an NXT typing robot.  The 'bot is almost complete, with the only steps left being to finish the custom blocks that tell it where to press.  I will possibly be posting a video of Typi (the robot) in action.