Laser Cutter Build Night: Moving Platform and Laser Preparations

Tonight was a bittersweet night.  I had previously attached my really nice build table with double-sided tape and it stayed on really nicely.  However, I failed to plan for the underside supports running into the stepper motor bracket.  To fix the problem, I removed the moving platform (it stuck really well!) and then cut off the offending section of support using a Dremel tool and cutting wheel.  I had heard that MDF dust was bad for one's lungs, so I held my breath for most of the cutting process.  That made it interesting.  After I cut through the board, I chiseled it off.  My perfect purple platform got scraped a bit, but it will still curtail laser reflections.  Pictured is the modified platform.

Additionally, I ordered my Aixiz laser module for heatsinking and protecting my red DVD burner diode.  I will hopefully be receiving this.  However, I haven't gotten it yet, so that sort of tables work on the laser cutter until the package arrives.  :(

As a tiny last bit of work to do, I drilled out an old transistor heatsink to put the Aixiz laser module in for additional cooling.  I used a 31/64 bit, which is the closest I could find to the 12mm module diameter.  I may add heatsink compound to the module before I slide it in, or I may just use a setscrew to hold it in place.
Sadly, that is about all I can do until my Aixiz module arrives.  *Pout face*