Laser Cutter Build Night: Laser Heatsink & Stand

Tonight I machined a nice little heatsink to replace the one that I drilled out too large.  This one is a solid block of aluminum that I salvaged from some machine that was being junked.  It should work well enough without fins, for my purposes at least.  I also made a hole for a setscrew and tapped it.  The whole thing turned out nicely and I like how it looks - clean and professional.  The Aixiz housing goes in the hole and is held in place by the setscrew.
 I also manufactured a stand for the laser.  You say, "A stand?"  Yes, a stand.  When I was building this, I realized that this must be the most unconventional way of building a laser cutter.  In nearly every other machine, the laser (or rather its beam, reflected by mirrors) moves.  My machine, due to its genesis as a CNC machine, moves the platform, not the laser.  This is somewhat annoying for multiple reasons.  One of these is that I may have to further modify the code I am porting to make it work with my unusual setup.  But, I am sure I will make it work!
I may eventually paint this to make it look nicer.  Additionally, I discovered that my laser can cut into black craft foam, slice a green ribbon in two, and etch black CD cases.  Maybe it isn't so underpowered after all!

Lastly, I began to look at the code I will be modifying.  I am using Python code from here.  I need to change the code from controlling bare H-bridges (which take four inputs) to controlling the EasyDriver stepper boards (which take one step input and one direction input).  It may be a challenge, but with the prize of a laser cutter at stake, I am sure I can do it!