Update to YouTube Account Suspension

Bleh.  YouTube has not contacted me once about why my account was suspended, nor have they given the ScienceWithScreens channel back.  I am thouroughly disappointed with how they have handled this issue.  It should have been corrected months ago, since I never did anything wrong.

What I find strange is that using my normal email address (which I used for the ScienceWithScreens channel) I am still able to get into YouTube, just not into my old channel.  Odd.  Apparently, YouTube doesn't hate me enough to completely ban me. :)

This means that I will be uploading more science videos to the new channel YouTube gave me under the same email, located at this address:

I am super happy, and I hope you are, too!  Look forward to some really cool projects I have up my sleeve.  I will also fix all those "broken" videos that now exist on my blog.