Experiment 28: DIY scientific ampoules!

In the near future, I plan to make elemental iodine for my element collection.  To effectively store iodine long-term, a hermetic (airtight, perfect) seal is recommended.  Scientific glass ampoules then, are perfect for storing iodine for years and years, like in a periodic table display.

In this experiment I made two glass ampoules myself from miniature test tubes.  I held the test tube by its bottom end with gloves and then torched the tube about 1cm from its mouth.  A propane blowtorch works well for this purpose.  I rotated the tube a few times to evenly distribute the heat in a band around the tube and in about 30 seconds, the tube softened.  I then used pliers to pull the mouth of the tube away from the rest of the tube by a few centimeters.  Then, I slowly removed the test tube from the flame, letting it gradually get cooler.  The end result was absolutely spectacular given the easiness of the experiment:

When the tubes are filled with crystal iodine (I will pour it down the thin neck of the ampoule), I will hit the narrow neck of the ampoule with the hottest part of the torch flame to rapidly melt it without heating up the iodine.  Then, I will use pliers to pull the neck of the ampoule completely off, thus sealing the iodine inside.  I am quite pleased to have such an easy way of making ampoules for chemistry stuff!