Web-Triggered Speech on the Raspberry PI

I enjoy interfacing reality with software, i.e. LEDs with matrix programs, so I created a webpage on my Pi server to trigger eSpeak, a text-to-speech synthesizer, whenever the webpage is loaded.  I created a basic HTML page and then added some PHP code.  One side note- you must have eSpeak installed on your Raspberry Pi, and you must have added the www-data user to the audio group using "sudo usermod -a -G audio www-data".  Reboot your Raspberry Pi after doing this.  The PHP code is parsed and run the minute the server sends the page to the client, so eSpeak speaks before content appears in the browser.  If you are wondering about the code, it is as follows:

<?php exec('espeak \'You are visiting my website.\''); ?>

It is pretty straightforward, using the PHP exec(); command to execute the "espeak" command in the Linux terminal.  One good note is that "espeak" and "exec();" only like single quotes, so you must use the escape character ("\") before espeak's single quotes to prevent "exec();" from thinking you have ended your command.  For example, without the escape, PHP would think that the command was "espeak ".  After doing all that, I had a really cool webpage that spoke with real audible words through my Raspberry Pi whenever it was loaded!