Extreme Tech Fun!

Well, if I wasn't a tech already, I'm definitely heading down that slippery slope now!  Just recently, I got a recommendation from a friend to get VirtualBox, an awesomely powerful virtual machine suite.  I got it and  installed Debian 6.0.6 and Ubuntu 12.04 on virtual hard drives.  Then, for some extremely geeky fun, I played around with SSH on the virtual machines.  I had to configure the virtual network settings a bit, but that was pretty easy.  I SSHed as root into the Debian machine, which was already running a web server, then was able to play around with my knowledge of Unix and command-line operation.  I used the super-cool command-line tool nano to edit the index.html file of the /var/www folder.  Then, on my Windows 7 OS, I was able to view the website without any difficulty!  Should you ever feel the need to play around with SSH, Unix-based systems have it built in, and on Windows, you can download the program PuTTY, which is a standalone SSH client.  Have fun!